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North End Square Neighborhood Association, Rockford, Illinois

Neighborhood associations are successful when neighbors share dreams and visions, when they feel empowered to pursue these shared goals, and when they are active in pursuing them. If you live within our boundaries, but have not been part of that process, please join us! Click here to downoad a membership application now!
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Jason Thompson, President

Char Ramsey, Vice President

Phil Pilcher, Treasurer

Kay Veit, Secretary

Frances Anthon, Beautification

Elizabeth Powers, Property

SGT Marc Welsh, Supervisor, Community Svcs Unit

Officer Jeff Andrews, Police Community Services Officer
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Located between Auburn Street (south), Fulton Avenue (north), Main Street (east) and Ridge Avenue (west), North End Square comprises approximately 1,300 households.

Over the decades, there have been many neighborhood-organization "starts" within this area.  The present NESNA was founded in 1997 and has been one of the most effective neighborhood associations within Rockford.  The reason for that ongoing success, in one word, is "participation." 

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Join Us on Facebook!

North End Square Neighborhood Association is also on Facebook! If you have a Facebook account, please join the NESNA group! Log in to Facebook and type NESNA into the search bar to join!

Logli Purchases and eScrip

You and your relatives and your friends can help NESNA immensely by simply using an eScrip card when you purchase groceries at any Logli's store.  You do not need to be a member of North End Square, and the card will work at any Logli's store in our region.  At checkout, the clerk reads the barcode on your card, and a small percentage of your total purchase is deposited in our account, making it available for neighborhood improvements.  Using the card has absolutely no impact upon your bill - it does not increase the amount of your bill!

NESNA will obtain and activate your card.  To do that, we need information about you (or your friend or your relative): name, address, phone, email address.  We'll get the card and deliver it to you - simple as that!  Merely send this information to Jim Powers using our contact form, and we'll take it from there and deliver your activated eScrip card to you!


Bike Lanes - Law and Safety Considerations

With new bike lanes  in our neighborhood and throughout Rockford, you might want to check up on Illinois Law and on safety considerations.

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